Introducing the SMART

ride-hailing experience

Going in the same direction ? Oui. Hop on !

The new ride-hailing app for short distance
Now Available in Bordeaux, Lyon, Montréal, Paris region

  • Sharing is
    not a business

    Help each other to be more mobile in our cities, building together urban convenience.

  • Waiting for
    transportation is boring

    OuiHop' ride-hailing app offers transit line choices among the driver's passing by. Have fun & socialize with another community member.

  • Driving alone is a waste

    Publish your ride when you drive
    & share it! It doesn't cost you anything, you go there anyway.

Travelling alone in your car? Oui? Why not offer someone a lift?

No fixed schedule, no detours, instant & social

Enter your destination before you leave. OuiHop' as a GPS App will automatically display in real-time your route to the community members along your way. When the member selects your route, you are simply notified where the passenger is waiting - if you acknowledge the pickup, then you simply share your ride. 

Collect points & redeem exclusive offers from our partners

Looking for a ride? Hop! Try instant ride-hailing.

No fixed schedule, no detours, instant & social

OuiHop' displays in real-time the track alternatives in your community that pass you by in the next few minutes. You select the track & verify the driver that best fits your destination. You notify the driver by taping on the track & he/she will pick you up along the way.

3$ per month no obligation & unlimited number of rides

  • Community

    OuiHop' is a short distance transit network based on trust, respect & help. For these reasons we will need to collect some information from you.

  • Verified driver

    OuiHop' verifies your Email address in order to increase reliability of our community. This information enforces trust within the community.

  • Ratings

    Community drivers and passengers can evaluate one another after each ride. When there is a negative evaluation OuiHop' will contact the member.

  • Choice

    Within OuiHop' you can choose the track and the driver. We provide you with many alternatives, so that you can select your cooperative transit path without divulging your destination address.

  • Confidentiality

    Your information is safe with OuiHop'. Only with your consent will we share your information with other members within your cooperative transit network.

  • Safety

    We minimize the number of interactions that a driver may take ; OuiHop' provides audio and visual instructions.

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