OuiHop’ is a ride-hailing app for short distance available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
OuiHop’ uses the most up-to-date technologies; in order to use the app you will need a recent version of your operating system:
> Android 4.0 and more
> iOS 7.0 and more
> Windows Phone

Yes. OuiHop’ is legal in that there is no exchange of money between the pedestrian and the driver.
OuiHop’ is a pedestrian and driver cooperative community built to share transportation on short distances with no exchange of money.

OuiHop’ belongs to the category of carpooling services granted by law.

> In France *
As a driver, your car insurance contract necessarily includes a civil liability clause that protects the third parties. Your OuiHop' passengers are considered as regular passengers and thus are fully covered. No insurance extension is required.

As a picked-up passenger, you are covered by the driver's civil liability insurance. Should the driver not (or no longer) be insured, you would then be protected by the FGAO (Fonds de garantie des assurances obligatoire - Mandatory Third Party Liability Insurance Guarantee Fund).

> In Québec
All Québec resident (possessing a valid “Soleil” card) road users, passengers as well as drivers, are covered by Québec's public automobile insurance plan. This plan provides compensation in the event of injury or death as a result of an accident that occurred in Québec, regardless of whether they are responsible for the accident.
In Québec, the law requires that all vehicle owners hold a civil liability insurance policy of at least $50,000. This mandatory basic insurance covers property damage you may cause to others.

When driving, you should always have with you your driving licence, your registration certificate and your private civil liability insurance certificate.

For other provinces or countries, please refer to the local legal requirements.

OuiHop’ is a service that is based on mutual aid and solidarity values. OuiHop’ gathers a community of citizen drivers whom might feel more comfortable sharing their ride – an sympathetic gestur towards pedestrians in their community.

The drivers who use the app are rewarded with gaz coupons, free car revisions, insurance discounts, restaurants, etc. offered by our « Oui » partners. They get rewarded through the systems of Hopiz/points and through monthly draws.

There is no remuneration from the pedestrian to the driver.

OuiHop’ is a GPS based app, such as Waze or Google Map:
1. Share your itinerary before you start - Open the app and enter your destination.
2. Drive as usual - If your actual itinerary does not correspond to the one displayed, no problem: the displayed one will be updated as you drive.
3. In case a pedestrian makes a request on your route - You are notified by a sound signal and your screen displays the pedestrian’s profile with his localisation on your itinerary. You may accept or refuse.
4. Pedestrian Pick-up - The pedestrian will see you arriving in real time and will ease at you.
5. Once arrived at the destination, evaluate the pedestrian. This will help build a stronger OuiHop’ community.

Once this done, your rewarding points will be on their way to your account.

Hopiz is a virtual money to thank and reward the drivers for sharing their itinerary with OuiHop’ community members.

The more you use the app, the more Hopiz you win:
> each driven km while connected to the app: +10 Hopiz (max 150km/day),
> each referred community member: +500 Hopiz,
> each picked-up pedestrian : +500 Hopiz.

Hopiz can be converted in our Hop'Store for gaz coupons, discounts on car repair, free parking hours, supplementary lottery tickets, etc.

Hopiz can be converted at any time in our Hop’ Store. There is a wide range to choose from :

> You are a gambler? Convert your Hopiz with additional lottery tickets to enhance your chances of winning at the monthly draw. (in Québec, no lottery until later date)
> You are thrifty? Convert your Hopiz with gaz coupons, discounts on car repairs, free months insurance, etc.
> You are eco-responsible? Convert your Hopiz with ecological-driving lessons. What about leaving your car and convert your Hopiz with an unlimited year OuiHop’ pedestrian pass!

Each month a draw is organized between all the users who have been credited with at least 1 lottery ticket. The more a user has lottery tickets, the more chances to win.
Typical lots offered for draws are: 6 months of free gaz, free revision packs, 1 free year of insurance, etc.

There are two ways to get lottery tickets:
> Automatic: 1 lottery ticket is automatically credited for each 75 km driven while connected to the app.
> Manual: accumulated Hopiz can be converted at the Hop’ Store for additional lottery tickets.

All the information about the monthly draw can be found at the menu tab ‘’lottery’’ on the website. (in Québec, no lottery until later date)

1. Visualize instantaneously the OuiHopers’ tracks that will be close to you in the next 15 minutes. If there is no itinerary available, you will have to wait for your bus ;(.
2. If you spot a track that suits you, click on it and then you will see the driver’s profile (photo, age, note, car brand), his position and you will be able to send him a request.
3. Once your request is accepted, follow the car in real time and catch up the driver’s itinerary (a OuiHoper is not a taxi driver, you have to join him on his way).
4. Wave a sign at the driver and then click on ‘’On board’’ when you get into the car. Now, you just have to evaluate your trip once completed.

There is no exchange of money between the pedestrian and the driver.

You may:
- Use OuiHop’ 3 times a months for free
- Buy an unlimited pedestrian a monthly pass

You have two choices:
> Click on the ‘’credit’’ tab of the app to buy a monthly unlimited pass with a credit card or Paypal.

> You have already won Hopiz by connecting you to the app as a driver or by sharing the app with your friends? Visit the Hop’ Store to convert your Hopiz for an unlimited pass.

Because OuiHop’ is a smart app for cooperation, local transportation (based on other values than money).

Because OuiHop’ is characterized by real-time functioning, no anticipated plans at all and the non remuneration by the pedestrian.

For the driver:
- No plans: you share your itinerary before leaving and you stick to it.
- Rewards: you are rewarded for your citizen contribution by our ‘’Oui’’ partners.

For the pedestrian:
- Real-time: you have just missed your bus? Instead of waiting, see instantaneously if there are OuiHopers’ tracks that will be close to you in the next few minutes.
- Unlimited usage: unlimited number of trips with your pedestrian member monthly pass for just 2 euros/month.