Our Project

With more than 80% of the world population living in urban areas by 2030, the need for transportation within and between cities is growing fast. Development and improved occupancy rate of mass transit systems (currently only 5% of American workers use public transportation to commute to/from work) are critical challenges to face this growing demand. However, mass transit systems may not be enough.

Increasing the occupancy rate (currently 35% in North America) of the cars driving in and between the cities is another option that is worth being looked at and developed. Cars carry indeed a huge transportation potential (often as big as the public transportation system capacity) while being more dynamic and present on many more itineraries.

To make the most of this enormous transportation capacity, mobility must be re-invented with no cost and no investment but with the rising of a new collective mindset. Offering seats in one’s car should not be a bizarre or reckless attitude, nor be a money thing. It should just be a responsible and citizen attitude towards our changing societies and cities.


Our mission is to create a dynamic cooperative transit network.